Thursday, 26 May 2016

Demotivated in May!

I haven't posted for a while, I've been struggling quite a bit with motivation this month.

Towards the end of April I went out on quite a few big runs and I think I may have burnt myself out slightly. Even though I'm still keeping up with the challenge, this month has been a real grind to get out the door and running.

I think I've stuck pretty tightly to just doing 5 km or just over this month, which has brought my monthly average down a little bit.

On the upside though, I think sticking to the shorter distances has meant my speed has improved a bit and I got my fastest parkrun time of the year last weekend.

I think part of the problem I face is I haven't really stuck to a routine. I'm self-employed and so I find it quite difficult to get up early, when I don't have to and that sometimes means I put off my run until the evening.

I definitely think my next aim is to work in some kind of routine and in turn I think that will aid with my motivation.

But for now I'm 146 days down, only 220 to go!

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