Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Silverstone half-marathon

A few days before the Silverstone half-marathon on the 13th May I was given the opportunity to take part. Although I've been running every day this year, the furthest I've run is about 15 km and I'd not done a half-marathon distance for about ten months.

But with a target of sub-2 hours in mind, I did it!!!

It wasn't easy and I got a pretty severe sun burn for my troubles, but it felt great and I had an official finishing time of 1:56, which is about five minutes off my pb, but a time I'm more than happy with.

It was great to run around the famous race track and there was loads of people there cheering us all on, including a group supporting me, which is always nice!

I'm looking at other races I can take part in throughout the year, just to keep the challenge a bit more interesting for me. My next race is on April 17th in Lincoln, my home city, but it's just a 10 km this time. I'm hoping to get a sub-50 minute time, something I've done in training, but never in a race.

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