Monday, 22 February 2016

50 days down!

I finally feel like I've started to make a dent in the 366 days of 2016, completing the first 50 days without any major issues.

I've also completed my first run over 10 km, after I ran nearly 13 km on the 17th Feb. My previous longest run this year was about 7 km. But for whatever reason I went out with the intention of just running a quick 5 km and just through enjoyment decided to do a longer a route.

It's strange and completely counter-intuitive, but I often find the longer I run for, the more comfortable I feel and the more enjoyable the run. I don't if your body just starts to relax or you get in a zone, who knows. But I just had one of those runs that made me remember why I love running so much and had a genuine buzz afterwards.

Over the course of the last 50 days, I've also written a blog article for Rethink, the mental health charity who I'm raising money for. You can find my blog piece here.

Overall I'm feeling strong and confident and it's great to see my times coming down and the distances going up.

Bring on the next 316 days!

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